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About us

Dentistry “StomGarant” is a modern full-service dental center.

“StomGarant” offers the following services:

  • Preliminary consultation with a specialist with a full examination of the oral cavity, detailed consultation and selection of the optimal method of treatment;
  • Diagnostics of pathologies and prevention of oral diseases;
  • Professional hygiene using various techniques;
  • Whitening;
  • Treatment of caries of any complexity;
  • Aesthetic restoration;
  • Dental canal treatment using modern materials and equipment;
  • Orthopedics: removable and fixed prosthetics;
  • installation of skyces.


Our specialists are ready to take on any problem. Their qualification allows us to solve problems of varying complexity. We employ only experienced doctors who have extensive practice and systematically improve their professional level.


  • convenient location in the city center;
  • convenient time;
  • corporate service.

Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

Maria Vladimirovna Yaroshenko is a fabulous doctor! The tooth was in bad shape and had to be removed, but Maria Vladimirovna saved him and now I have a whole and beautiful tooth. Thank you for your work.
Our family had many family dentists around the world. We treated teeth in the USA and Europe, that is, I can compare. I can say the following: the staff here is polite and responsive (they try to help solve almost any issue); doctors are professionals of their profession; there is a good value for money. I recommend.
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